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Not only meet 72 hour delivery requirement but additional peace of mind and compliance with ability to track and verify which documents were opened, reviewed and eSigned.
Ability to electronically store all documents in a secure eVault and share them with all authorized parties prior to closing.  All non-notary documents including a corrected eHUD can be viewed and eSigned in advance.  This reduces a standard closing to minutes not hours. 
Do in minutes online what it takes weeks (sometimes  months) to do in the paper world. Do it right the first and every time. No missing signatures, data or trailing documents . Increase pull-thru. Track initial trial mods and final modifications.
eDocuments are now registered with MERS and electronically delivered to the investor. The funder can be invited to view final closing documents to approve it, streamlining post closing/funding QC time, errors and cost.