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Deliver superior customer service while reducing compliance risk.  SigniaDocs’ eDisclosure Service allows you to post the initial disclosure package to a secure web site within minutes for borrower review and eSign process. 

 eDisclosure Process Overview

Secure online environment for borrowers to review and sign documents

·      Integrates with POS or LOS systems to populate documents with loan data

·      Posts disclosure documents to a secure website within minutes

·      Provides secure email notification to qualified candidates, with link to view documents

·      Integrates with online borrower validation and authentication services (optional)

eService Features

Fast, easy, streamlined eSigning process

·      Performs legal eConsent process per UETA & ESIGN requirements

·      Nothing to download, just need internet and  browser to legally render and eSign documents

·      Can be private-labeled as an extension of your existing web site

·      Proven increase in pull-through and success rate

Verifiable & Auditable Process Management

Built-in bullet-“Proof of intent” process

·      Requires borrower review and acceptance prior to signature

·      Tracks and verifies co-signer passwords and logins

·      Maintains complete audit trail of all activity, alerts, notifications and signatures

·      Performs tamper-evident seal to ensure signature, data and document integrity

·      Option to require borrower to initial specific highlighted terms

·      Provides electronic document delivery confirmation

 It’s all about “e!”  e”Volutionizing the way business is done by “eliminating paper-based processes and  e”lectrifying  your mortgage operation. Join us in the brave, bold new world of “e”ntelligent document processing. Turn paper into profits with streamlined eMortgage processes. 

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