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In response to today’s challenging market, SigniaDocs offers a streamlined online process that allows servicers to provide a quick and easy solution to refinance or modify loans to retain assets. The eModification web services platform easily integrates with existing systems to pull client information, verify credit, income, property (AVM), and match candidates to their most appropriate workout program.

 eModification Process Overview

A secure environment for borrowers to review and eSign agreements online

·      Integrates with servicing or analytic systems to populate documents with loan mod data

·      Posts documents to a secure website within minutes of selecting the loan workout program

·      Provides secure email notification to qualified candidates, with link to view documents

·      Integrates with online borrower validation and authentication services (optional)

eService Features

Fast, easy, secure, streamlined eSigning process

·      Performs legal eConsent process per ESIGN & UETA requirements

·      Maintains current, compliant, rep’d and warranted document library

·      Performs guaranteed calculations for GFE, TIL, APR & High Cost

·      Can be private-labeled as an extension of your existing web site

·      Proven increase in pull-through and success rate

Verifiable & Auditable Process Management

Built-in bullet-“Proof of intent” process

·      Requires borrower review and acceptance prior to signature

·      Tracks and verifies co-signer passwords and logins

·      Maintains complete audit trail of all activity, alerts, notifications and signatures

·      Performs tamper-evident seal to ensure signature, data and document integrity


It’s all about “e!”  e”Volutionizing the way business is done by “eliminating paper-based processes and  e”lectrifying  your mortgage operation. Join us in the brave, bold new world of “e”ntelligent document processing. Turn paper into profits with streamlined eMortgage processes. 

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